The Process of Obtaining a Visa From Iran

According to international law and midway agreements, the possibility of entering into Iran for the citizens of some countries is provided through common procedures. These people can obtain entrance permissions at entrance points, according to the rules and determined conditions. Citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia will include these policies.

Needed tips for obtaining a visa:

Citizens of all countries with a valid passport and residence permit in the residence country can travel to Iran after presentation of required documents and obtaining the visa.

Citizens of all countries with a valid passport can travel to Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar free zones to receive a 14-days visa at the entrance of these areas.

Aliens under 18 years old, are required to provide a written permit by their father. And this written permit should be agree in terms of public writing confirmation (at some local notary public’s office).

If foreign citizens intend to travel other parts of the country after entering the Free Zone, could receive a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the same area.

Applicants must obtain a visa from one of the abroad representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for entering to an other free zone without direct access to air, sea or land entrance points.

Iranians who have Iranian birth certificate and passport and have foreign passports or refugees travel documents, can not travel to Iran with these documents; such people should obtain a new passport and travel to Iran with an Iranian passport.

The issuance of visas to citizens of all countries, except occupied Palestine (Israel), is all right by law.

If the visa application refuses, for whatever reason, the payment will not be refunded.

Citizens of foreign countries can travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran through travel agencies and tourist centers after obtaining visas.

Applicants of tourism visa applications should personally submit the following documents, to the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Required documents

Completing a visa application form. For travel visa Applicants are provided with a valid travel agency’s reference number, and the applicant’s written request is enough for pilgrimage cases.

Two new biometric photographs: 4 * 3 full-color, without hat, dark glasses, with their name back of it.

Applicant valid passport valid for at least six months

Presenting the receipt of visa fee payment based on consular fee table.

Incomplete documents will not be handled.

The representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, can invite the applicant to an interview for necessary cases.

Visa granting should be recognize by the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in the case application is rejected, it is not mandatory for the applicant to indicate the reasons for the refusal from representation.

Presentation of documents does not require the issuance of a visa and responding to the request will be announce at the appropriate time.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has been able to obtain visas at the airports of the country for the convenience of travelers and tourists; countries other than United States, Canada, England, Colombia, Bangladesh, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Jordan and Iraq can obtain visas from Iran; And the mentioned countries must go to Iranian Consulate in their own country before coming to Iran to receive a visa from Iran.

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The Process of Obtaining a Visa From Iran

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